The Keynote Speakers are now confirmed:

20 Sep: Brad Power (Management Consultant in Process Innovation, Partner at FCB Partners, USA)

21 Sep: Rick Hull (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, USA)

22 Sep: Giancarlo Guizzardi (Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil)

Brad Power
Management Consultant in Process Innovation, Partner at FCB Partners, USA

Keynote Don’t Just Improve Work, Innovate Continuously

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Bio Brad Power is a consultant and thought leader on process innovation, helping organizations that must make faster changes to their products, services, and systems to compete with startups and leading software companies. He participated in the development of business reengineering with Michael Hammer and CSC Index in the 1980s and 1990s, led a process management research center at Babson College with Tom Davenport in the 2000s, and worked with the Lean Enterprise Institute and Jim Womack on sustaining lean transformations. He is a partner at FCB Partners, an education and advisory firm that carries on the work of Michael Hammer; founding partner of CXcelerator, helping organizations increase continuous, personalized conversations with customers; and founding partner at ContinuousX, helping organizations increase the frequency of their product and service innovations. He blogs for the Harvard Business Review.

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Keynote - Gustavo Ignacio GomezRick Hull
IBM Research, Yorktown Heighs, NY

Keynote Rethinking BPM in a Cognitive World: Transforming how we Learn and Perform Business Processes

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Bio Rick Hull is a Senior Research Scientist at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, NY, a position he took in May, 2008.  Hull has broad research and innovation interests in the areas of data and information management, workflow and business processes, web and converged services, and more recently, the application of BPM paradigms to Big Data analytics to enable large-scale repeatability, and the automation of highly manual business processes.  Between 2008 and 2013 Hull led a team at IBM Research working on Business Artifacts and data-centric business process management.  This work provided foundations for both the recent OMG Case Management Model and Notation (CMMN) standard and the IBM Case Management product.  Prior to joining IBM Research, Hull spent 12 years at Bell Labs Research, a division of Lucent (then Alcatel-Lucent, and now Nokia); before that he was a professor of Computer Science at the University of Southern California.  While at Bell Labs, Hull was instrumental in developing and transferring new technologies into Alcatel-Lucent’s product line, including products for data integration and high-speed rules processing. Over the years, Hull’s research has been supported in part by grants from NSF, DARPA, and AT&T.  Hull is co-author of the book “Foundations of Databases” (Addison-Wesley, 1996); has published over 150 refereed articles in journals, conferences and books; and holds 12 U.S. patents.  Hull was named Bell Labs Fellow in 2005 and ACM Fellow in 2007.  He received a Corporate Award from IBM in 2015 for his contributions in the area of Case Management, and also an “Outstanding Accomplishment” from IBM Research for “Fundamental Contributions to Science or Technology”.

Keynote - Guizzardi Giancarlo Guizzardi
Professor, Federal University of Espírito Santo, Brazil

Keynote The Inevitable Ontological Commitment or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Ontology

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Bio Giancarlo Guizzardi has a PhD (with the highest distinction) from the University of Twente, The Netherlands. He currently leads the Ontology and Conceptual Modeling Research Group (NEMO) in Brazil and is an Associate Researcher to the Laboratory of Applied Ontology (LOA), in Trento, Italy. Two well-known results of the NEMO laboratory are: the ontologically well-founded version of UML termed OntoUML, which has been adopted by many research, industrial and government institutions worldwide; and the foundational ontology UFO (Unified Foundational Ontology), which has influenced international standardization activities in areas such as Software Engineering and Enterprise Architecture (e.g., the Archimate Standard). He has been active for two decades in the areas of Ontologies, Conceptual Modeling and Enterprise Semantics. Over the years, he has conducted many technology transfer projects in large organizations in sectors such as Telecommunications, Software Engineering, Digital Advertisement, Product Recommendation, Digital Journalism, Complex Media Management, Energy, among others. Moreover, he has authored 190 peer-reviewed publications in the aforementioned areas, which have received more than 10 paper awards. He has also been invited to be a keynote speaker in a number of international scientific events. Furthermore, he is currently the general chair of the International Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2016) and is an associate editor of the Applied Ontology journal. Finally, he has also been elected twice as an Executive Council member of the International Association for Ontologies and Applications (IAOA) and is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the same association.

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