• 1st International Workshop on Sustainability-Aware Business Process Management
  • MON 11:00 – 13:00

    Location: Othon Palace Hotel – São Conrado
    Session Chair: Soon

      • Sustainability Patterns for the Improvement of IT-related Business Processes with Regard to Ecological Goals

    Patrick Lübbecke, Peter Fettke and Peter Loos.

      • How to Incorporate Sustainability into Business Process Management Lifecycle?

    Andrea Magdaleno, Letícia Duboc and Stefanie Betz.

      • Supporting Municipal Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Inventories Using Business Process Modeling: A Case Study of Trondheim Municipality

    Dirk Ahlers and John Krogstie.

      • Integrating Sustainability Aspects in Business Process Management

    Selim Larsch, Stefanie Betz, Leticia Duboc, Andrea Magdaleno and Camilla Bomfim.