The 14th conference in the field of Business Process Management (BPM 2016) will be complemented by several workshops. The following workshops will take place in conjunction with BPM 2016:

BPI 2016 – 12th International Workshop on Business Process Intelligence
Organizers: Boudewijn van Dongen, Jan Claes, Jochen De Weerdt, Andrea Burattin

BPMS2 2016 – 9th Workshop on Social and Human Aspects of Business Process Management
Organizers: Selmin Nurcan, Rainer Schmidt

TAProViz 2016 – 5th International Workshop on Theory and Application of Visualizations and Human-centric Aspects in Processes
Organizers: Ross Brown, Simone Kriglstein, Stefanie Rinderle-Ma

DeMiMoP 2016 – 4th International Workshop on Decision Mining & Modeling for Business Processes
Organizers: Jan Vanthienen, Hajo Reijers, Claudio Di Ciccio

IWPE 2016 – 2nd International Workshop on Process Engineering
Organizers: Mathias Weske, Manfred Reichert

BPMO 2016 – 1st Workshop on Workshop on Business Process Management and Ontologies
Organizers: Henrik Leopold, Lucinéia Heloisa Thom, Pablo Villarreal

PQ 2016 – 1st International Workshop on Process Querying
Organizers: Artem Polyvyanyy, Arthur ter Hofstede

PRAISE 2016 – 1st International Workshop on Runtime Analysis of Process-Aware Information Systems
Organizers: Huy Tran, Mustafa Hashmi, Uwe Zdun, Guido Governatori

ReMa 2016 – 1st Workshop on Resource Management in Business Processes
Organizers: Cristina Cabanillas, Manuel Resinas, Alex Norta, Nanjangud C. Narendra

SABPM 2016 – 1st International Workshop on Sustainability-Aware Business Process Management
Organizers: Stefanie Betz, Letícia Duboc, Andréa Magalhães